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Hey Livewellers, 

With the colder weather brewing in, how do you plan on staying warm and comfortable? Perhaps our Temperature Regulating Synthetic comforter or our Super Soft and Lofty Hypoallergenic Synthetic-fill Featherbed would do the trick?

Temperature Regulating Synthetic Comforter

High-tech mesh fabric creates unique climate zones to regulate air temperatures surrounding the body. The comforter is suitable for both warm and cool climates. In warmer weather, excess warmth is transported away from the body. This prevents perspiration. In cooler weather, layered fabric creates a pocket, which warms the air inside to match body temperatures. The design is functional and tailored to your climate.


Super Soft and Lofty Hypoallergenic Synthetic-fill Featherbed

Our featherbeds are comfortable, yet supportive. Featherbeds are made of a 100% cotton shells and are filled with a premium hypoallergenic synthetic material. For down sensitive sleepers you will enjoy the benefits of two layers of comfort. The top layer is made of a soft and lofty synthetic. The bottom layer is made of a firmer, more supportive, synthetic fill. Between the two layers is a layer of cotton fabric to separate the two layers. 

Both of these items are on sale, but if that's not enough encouragement to make a purchase here are some reasons and benefits of going hypoallergenic. 

1. Dust Mites: Dust mites are tiny 8 legged creatures that are invisible to the naked eye, they survive by feeding off of dead human skin cells and pet dander. If we shed 2-3 pounds of skin a year, and spend 1/3 of the year in bed, that means that up to 1 pound of dead skin is deposited directly into our mattresses and feeding the dust mite population. 

2. Allergy Bedding: Also referred to as dust mite bedding, the Allergy Bedding prevents dust mites and other allergens from taking over your bed. As stated above dust mites feed off of dead human skin cells, so it only makes sense that the answer to preventing dust mites is to cut off their source of nutrition. Allergy bedding provides a barrier between you and dust mites by encasing your entire bed. 

3. A Better Nights Rest: 50 Million people in the United States have allergies. 80% of that population is allergic to Dust mites. Making the decision to go hypoallergenic results in easier breathing and a better night sleep. Even those who do not have any known allergies should tread lightly because allergies can develop with continued exposure. Allergies or not, who wants to sleep with Dust mites? Right?

4. Save Money: After ten years, the weight of the average mattress doubles due to infestation of dust mites. Hypoallergenic bedding protects your mattress and adds years to your mattresses life as well as your wallet's life.  

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  • Stacy Pierre-Louis
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