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Hey Livewellers,


Are you ready for this week’s trendy workout?

It only takes 30-minute, it’s a workout that combines cardio, and strength training into a fun and challenging way, and Oh yeah it’s a super great ab workout to get those tummies tight! So… What’s it called?

UGI! Even its name is fun to say.

To start off you need a UGI ball. UGI balls come in different colors and weights. The colors usually correlate with the weight of the ball. The ball is kind of like a squishy beanbag and about the size of an inflatable volleyball. Really cute and portable.

UGI exercises improve on flexibility, core, strength, and endurance and all are very important aspects of our overall health and fitness progress.

So now that you got the basics lets get started!

            Here are our top 10 UGI workouts we think you should get started on- at home, in the gym, or even in the office.

  1. Single leg V up- Hold UGI ball in your hands
  2. Leg Extension- Hold UGI ball between your ankles
  3. Hamstring press- Place your feet on top of UGI ball, heels digging in for support
  4. Rocking Plank- As you rock between downward facing dog and plank position the ball rolls on the ball is placed on the balls of your feet
  5. Triceps Pushups- Use ball the balance as you do the pushups
  6. Froggies- Squat over ball in frog position and jump out into a plank. Ball is on the ground, and your hands are placed on top of the ball.  
  7. Lunges- Holding the ball in your hands
  8. Knee ups- Holding the ball in your hands
  9. Skaters- Rolling the ball on the ground side to side
  10. Plank Mountain climb- Ball is on the ground, with your elbows digging in.

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  • Stacy Pierre-Louis
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