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Livewell ladies this one is for you, I’m talking makeup today!

There is usually a lot of conversation around what we put into our bodies, but we also should take a serious look about the products we are putting on our skin. Our skin is the largest organ and we need to treat it with care. The skin takes a daily beating as it protects the body from outside elements, so it is important that we provide our skin with the proper nutrients, care, and attention it needs to replenish and continue doing its job.

We want our skin to not only do its job effectively, but we also want our skin to look good while doing it. Makeup and skincare go hand-in-hand, and in order for our makeup to look good, we have to start with proper skin care.

Starting with skin care, we would like to recommend Aubrey 3- step System which is featured on our website and previously on both “Good Morning America” and “Good Day New York”. This skin care system comes with a cleanser, toner, and a moisturizer for less than $50. A price that is worth paying for beautiful skin, especially considering that the product is made of organic ingredients. Following up with makeup we recommend Aubrey’s Silken Earth translucent base. The loose base powder blends with your own skin tone to even out color. It also softens imperfections and gives your complexion a healthy glow. Natural colors are made with sustainable and agricultural ingredients and again ingredients are organic. This powder is only $23.95 and worth every penny.

These products are featured on our website and highly recommended. Try it out and lets us know how your experience goes.


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  • Stacy Pierre-Louis
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