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The perfect gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life




            Let’s get right into it. Christmas is coming up faster than you can even digest that last bit of turkey in the fridge and you have no idea what to get your loved ones, but that’s ok because I am here to help. That is in fact what I am here for.

            We all can think of at least one person we know that just loves, loves, loves to workout. Workout enthusiasts are on the rise and thanks to me so will sales in alethic department stores.

I’m going to make this easy on you so you can avoid the crowds, and stay ahead of the game, because that’s what livewellers are born to do.

            I’ve listed four gift options that will make your loved ones, who love to work out, love you even more than he or she already does.


  1. Nike fuel band:

It’s just cool. This gift is great choice for men especially because, not only is it a nifty addition to their collection of assorted technologies, but it also tracks their overall fitness progress. This small and lightweight device is fashionable and makes working out fun! The Nike fuel band is able to sync to your iPhone or Android and provide feedback and daily motivation.


  1. Bongo balance board

Every boy I know has one of these things. As the name suggests it is a balance-training tool and can be an awesome instrument for achieving a stronger core and better coordination. Moreover, it’s kind of just fun to have around the house. The Bongo board looks like a skateboard minus the wheels. Instead, it has a cylinder like roller, which is what the gift recipient will be balancing on, come Christmas day.


  1. Five finger running shoes

Running shoes are great but these shoes are in a league of their own. The comfort and freedom these shoes provide make traditional running seem restrictive and uncomfortable in comparison. The shoes provide a different experience for runners. Personally, It reminds me of the days I used to kick off my flip-flops and race the boys on my block. The only difference is you’re not stepping on those painful little rocks or burning your soles on the sun-beat blacktop. It’s just awesome.


  1. Workout apparel

This one is my favorite and also the simplest. You can never have enough workout clothes in my opinion. I often wear work out apparel even when I have no intentions of working out because I enjoy the look and comfort. Additionally, compared to the other options mentioned above, this may be a cheaper option depending on brand and style preferences. As long as you feel confident in your knowledge of the gift recipients taste in workout gear this one should be a synch.


No matter what you decide to get your loved one, you’re guaranteed to hit it out of the park with either of these options. As always, it’s the thought that counts but anyone in the running for these gifts will certainly be pleased.

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  • Stacy Pierre-Louis
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