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Stress and your health




Personally, I have never been under more stress in my life than I have been this year. As a result it has affected the overall health of my mind and body. I’m sure many of you can relate, so for the benefit of my fellow livewellers and myself I sought ways to pull myself out of that funk and get back in the saddle. Here’s what I did and what I still do when I am feeling a bit (ok very) stressed out.


  1. Find out what is stressing you. Sometimes we are stressed about daily obligations but getting specific about what is truly bumming you out is key. You can say, “Oh its just school” or “Oh its just work” but is it more than that? Ask yourself if it is a specific person, incident, or problem at school or work that is stressing you out.
  2. If you are stressed over things that are pending, my advice is don’t think about it. It has been said that if someone is feeling anxious it is because he or she is living in the future, and if someone is depressed than he or she is living in the past. But if you can just get yourself to stay present in the moment that you are in then you should feel content.
  3. Working out. It releases endorphins. Working out has benefits on the mind, not just the body. Personally, I find that when I am running I am able to clear my mind and relax a bit. Put that stress into good use.
  4. Talk about it. I like to get my feelings out. If I am going through something in my life I absolutely need to lay my burdens on friends or family. I have never seen a therapist, but for those of you who are more private, talking to professional could also be an option.
  5. Get busy. Honestly I am busy girl and I don’t have much of choice, but I like to throw myself into my work. I have obligations that will not stop regardless of what is going on in my personal life and I find that committing to these obligations, even in trying times is an effective way to get your mind off of things and maintain routine.


I know that these suggestions are easier said than done, but it is worth a serious try. Our mental health is so important and it would be a shame to let life beat us down. Things happen and that’s ok because success is how you react to the challenges in your life.

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  • Stacy Pierre-Louis
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