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Summer Solstice 2017 — a Time of Renewal

Summer Solstice 2017 — a Time of Renewal

I awoke with great excitement this morning! It is Wednesday, June 21, 2017 — the Summer Solstice.

I rushed to the kitchen at 4:00am — and oh, by the way, this is a rare occurrence in my world — to make my first cup of Starbucks French Roast coffee. Standing at my kitchen window, I could hear the birds chirping, early for them I thought. They must have been excited too, to greet this morning of the longest day of the year.

Pressing the button on my single-serve, the elixir of life poured into my daughter's EVE cup (WALL-E), which I bought for her on her 16th birthday but have since claimed as my own. What more fitting a cup for this day, as it was EVE who's mission it was to go to the long-since evacuated barren planet Earth to look for life. There, she befriends WALL-E, and while visiting him, finds the only single living plant which WALL-E had been nurturing from a seedling he had found while shoveling garbage. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. Creatively, it is extraordinary. But the story line is a cautionary tale, conceived, written and directed by Andrew Stanton, of the need for mankind to leave Earth because humans had destroyed the planet, leaving no organic life.

I believe many of us fear that if we do not honor this planet, that we may indeed destroy it. And I guess maybe I feel a little bit like EVE, searching for organic life. 

So here's the really fun part — the reason I'm so excited. This morning, at 5:19am, at the moment of sunrise here in Newtown, CT (Eastern Time/Northern Hemisphere) we launched the "new" and improved livewell website. Five years to the day that marked our official first launch.

While I was very sad to see the old site go, our new design has far better functionality, ease of navigation, and all those other important features to help our customers find their favorite products. 

It's been a great 5 years. I have enjoyed building this "idea" and making it a reality. The idea of living a healthier life and helping others do the same. By bringing the purest and healthiest products available into one place. Healthy lifestyle brands that speak to whole body and life health. The staff and I have taken the guesswork out of finding great products. We've done the research so you don't have to. We believe our customers have grown to trust us. I've enjoyed talking to so many of you on the phone in your search for the best skincare, the purest vitamins, or the perfect sheets, pillows and so much more.

About Summer Solstice:
The summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer, or 23.5° north latitude. In 2017, this will occur at exactly 12:24 am (Eastern) on the 21st.

Cultures throughout the world celebrate this day, each celebrate for their own reasons and attach their own meaning. For me, it is a spiritual day of renewal. The longest day of the year. What will I achieve today? How will I affect change? Who will I make smile today? A reflective day of creating a better me. As I pressed the launch button, I held my Apophyllite Crystal in my right hand, and prayed for peace and healing within myself and the planet. And I prayed for the continued progress of livewell, as a business and as a mission.

About Apophyllite

Here is a fun article from Time Magazine on ways the world celebrates the Summer Solstice. 

A little more information from Vox

Wishing you a bright, enjoyable and sunshiny (very long) day! Anne

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