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Stress and your health 0

    Personally, I have never been under more stress in my life than I have been this year. As a result it has affected the overall health of my m...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis

The benefits of oil on your skin 0

    Oils are not new to my arsenal of beauty products, as I often use it in my hair before blow-drying or heat styling. However, what is new is t...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis

How to make your own healthy salad dressing in literally 2 minutes 0

This girl loves a good salad. I enjoy them, and I sometimes try to opt for a salad a healthy alternative to whatever I would typically get. The onl...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis

The perfect gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life 0

                Let’s get right into it. Christmas is coming up faster than you can even digest that last bit of turkey in the fridge and you hav...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis