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Biotin 0

What is Biotin and why are so many women taking it?               We all want glowing skin, strong nails, and long luscious hair. DUH! But, how c...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis

Livewell Makeup 0

Livewell ladies this one is for you, I’m talking makeup today! There is usually a lot of conversation around what we put into our bodies, but we a...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis


Hey Livewellers,   Are you ready for this week’s trendy workout? It only takes 30-minute, it’s a workout that combines cardio, and strength trai...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis

Halloween Health 0

Hey Livewellers, I don’t know about you guys, but candy is certainly my weakness. I love sweets and Halloween makes it so hard to say no. It’s fre...
  • Stacy Pierre-Louis