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Live Well Bedding 0

Hey Livewellers,  With the colder weather brewing in, how do you plan on staying warm and comfortable? Perhaps our Temperature Regulating Synt...

Glass Water and Beverage Bottles — Glass is Back! 0

December 29, 2013 — by Tess Van Aiken Check out these fabulous and functional glass water and beverage bottles at: There are ...
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Why We Love Our German Batiste — The Ultimate Luxury Fabric! 0

December 29, 2013 — by Amy Gilligan

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Our German Batiste is special because it is the lightest down proof fabric woven in the world, weighing 25% less than even our best sateen. And we fill it with the fluffiest and lightest down commercially available, so the combination makes a comforter that is lighter and softer than you can find anywhere else. Only one mill in the world weaves such a fine 100% combed cotton fabric, and we're proud to offer our fine comforters made from the first mill in this country to craft comforters with it.