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Helpful Tips for Achieving Whole Life Balance

10 Great Steps to Seeking the Ever-elusive Whole Life Balance

Yearning for a life that includes time for family, yourself, recreation, professional development, community service or even just regular exercise?

Experts say the first -- and possibly most important -- step in creating a fulfilled, balanced life is to assess honestly what you need and what you want out of your whole life, not just work or home in isolation.

Here are some helpful tips that we at livewell have developed to help you get there:

1) Overscheduled? Prioritize Commitments and Learn to Say NO
So much to do, so little time? Stop trying to fit everything thrown at you into your life and learn when and how to say no. 

Stop Trying to Be So Perfect

It seems that as each day passes, our lives get more and more complicated and stressful and palpably less fulfilling.

How to Get Better Sleep

Well-planned strategies are essential to deep, restorative sleep you can count on, night after night. By learning to avoid common enemies of sleep and trying out a variety of healthy sleep-

Even Small Changes Can Make a Difference 

An unmanageable schedule and out-of-control home life can lead to depression, poor performance at work, conflict with family and a feeling of burnout that can lead some to question the very purpose of their lives.