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Determining the Best

The livewell institute is dedicated and committed to finding the healthiest, best made and best manufactured products available. We research, test and rate consumer products objectively until determining the items that are truly superior in each category.

Join the Testing Panel

livewell customers who share our commitment to shore and use only the best and healthiest products play a vital role in our mission. We invite all to join our testing panel. By taking part in product testing, you can use the products in your home setting, as well as integrate lifestyle products into your routine in and out of the home. With brand names hidden, you can record your experiences and evaluate like products based on their effectiveness, ease of use, overall fathers and other relevant categories. If you are interested in joining our testing panel in upcoming commissions, email us at:

Submit Product Suggestions

Want to see your favorite products carried on livewell? Submit product suggestions that you feel would be a good fit for you and other livewell customers. Please email your suggestions to:

Meet Our Expert Panel

Dr. Eugene Cayer, DC

Dr. Cayer is a health care professional specializing in chiropractic, holistic and nutritional health. To read more about him,